• Is Cambridge English: Advanced the same as the Certificate in Advanced English?

      Yes, Cambridge English: Advanced is just another name for the same globally recognised exam, Certificate in Advanced English, or CAE.

    • I want to study in Australia. Can I take the CAE test instead of IELTS?

      Yes. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Australia has approved CAE exam for Student Visa purposes.

    • I am planning to study in UK. Can I take the CAE exam?

      Yes. The UK Boarder Agency has approved the CAE exam for the new Tier 4 visa

    • When will I receive my exam results?

      If you are applying for Student Visa, your results will be released within 4 weeks of the test date if you are taking a Paper based exam and your result will be released within 2 weeks if you take a Computer based test.Click here to register for your test

    • What is the valid ID that is required to sit the exam?

      Currently, a valid Passport is the most preferred ID. However, if you are taking the exam when in school and you do not have a valid passport, other ID cards may be considered. Call your nearest authorised centre office for clarification. India: 1800 102 1050, +91.124.468 4800, Bangladesh: +1713401931, Nepal: +977.1.4415675 / 4443341 /42/43 . or send an email to helpdesk@caeexams.com

    • How will I gain UCAS tariff points?

      If you secure an ‘A’ grade in the CAE exam, UCAS will award you with 70 UCAS tariff points that will be very helpful when applying for admission in a University or College in the UK.

    • Will the university I want to apply to have heard of Cambridge English: Advanced?

      More than 12,000 organisations around the world recognise Cambridge English exams. Universities and colleges recognise Cambridge English: Advanced as proof of being able to study to degree level in an English-speaking environment. If you would like more information about which organisations recognise Cambridge English: Advanced, use our convenient online recognition database.

    • How long are the exam results valid for?

      The CAE exam is ‘valid for life’ and hence there is no expiry of the scores (unlike other tests). However, Universities, Colleges or Visa offices may define their requirement of the scores not later than a particular period

    • Can I re-sit the CAE exam more than once and if yes, which score will be considered?

      Yes, you can sit the CAE exam more than once. You will receive your ‘Statement of Results’ for each time you sit the test. It is upto you to use the best score Statement of Result.

    • Can I take the CAE exam when I am in school in Grade 11 or 12?

      Yes, you can take the CAE exam when in grade 11 or 12. In fact if you take the CAE exam when you are in grade 11 or 12 and you are able to receive an ‘A’ grade, you will gain 70 UCAS tariff points, which will help you in applying to UK Universities through UCAS.

    • Who should take Cambridge English: Advanced?

      Cambridge English: Advanced is a high-level test of English for people who need to prove their ability to use English for studying to degree level at college or university, or as a professional in an English-speaking or international environment. To find out if you are ready to take Cambridge English: Advanced, take our free online language test now.

    • What support is available?

      Candidates taking Cambridge English: Advanced can access a wide range of support, including a free guide to the exam and information about the exam papers at the Candidate Support site. An Online Practice Test and the Top Tips for CAE guide to preparing for the exam is available from Cambridge ESOL, and other publishers around the world have also produced support materials.

      Teachers preparing candidates for Cambridge English: Advanced can access a wealth of support materials through the Teacher Support site, including a free handbook and sample papers. An Online Practice Test, a Speaking Test Preparation Pack and Past Paper Packs are also available to purchase from Cambridge ESOL to help teachers prepare candidates for the exam.

    • How secure is the Cambridge English: Advanced exam?

      All Cambridge English exams follow a detailed code of practice, which ensures they meet the highest standards of security throughout the testing process. Certificates are printed on security-enhanced paper and include a number of other concealed security features to prevent forgery and malpractice.

      In addition, colleges, universities and employers can check the authenticity of any Cambridge English certificate by using our free Online Verification Service

Cambridge English: Advanced also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • DIAC

    By the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)
  • UKBA

    Approved by UK Border Agency (UKBA) towards new tier 4 visa requirments
  • UCAS
    Earn valuable UCAS Tariff points for higher education in the UK

    Approved by OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), the Government regulator,UK